Bulldozers working on grading job in Summerland, BC.

Professional Grading Services in the Okanagan Valley

Stagnant water around your property is generally off-putting. Eliminate this with professional grading services from The Okanagan Valley’s Kettle Valley Excavating. With our expert service, your home or business will be saved from unwanted damage from rainwater.

Benefits of Grading:

  • Not only does it increase your property's appeal and value, but grading also allows for easy mowing. Grading will smoothen out your land using extra soil from higher areas to fill in lower spots and even out the entire land. Furthermore, it also helps prevent wind and water erosion.
  • From rough land to easily maintainable, environmentally friendly land, you're sure to be delighted with the quality of our work. Our experienced operators can handle a variety of landscapes. Trust us to do a professional job on your property.

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