Retaining Walls

Kettle Valley Excavating staff working building a retaining in the Okanagan Valley.

Retaining Wall Construction Services in the Okanagan Valley

Commonly used for grade separation, retaining walls are more than just that. They are also known to increase your property's value and appeal. Kettle Valley Excavating helps you to add a little grandeur to your yard with your choice of retaining walls in The Okanagan Valley. Ensure you capitalize on what your sloped yard has to offer by creating different landscaping levels or showcasing foliage.

 Quality Construction:

  • Retaining walls are both decorative and functional. By preventing the erosion of a neighbouring structure and allowing for a levelled yard, they act on their nature of being functional. Furthermore, retaining walls also act as a barrier by preventing groundwater from building up or water continually pouring across your property. You need a skilled contractor for the job. Our expertise ensures that you get a quality product to weather the worst storms and also prevent water build-up that can damage your property.
  • There are different types of retaining walls for you to choose from. Whatever your choice is, we will build a strong and solid retaining wall.

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